Yoga self-massage after asanas

March 22, 2011, 12:33 p.m.

Ananda Marga style of self-massage after asanas (as prescribed by its founder and Master/Guru, Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti, or Ba'ba').

Most of the movements of this precise system were shown to us by A'carya Pranava'nanda A'vadhuta at the refresher course for Berlin-sector WTs in 1997 or 1998, held at the Training Centre in Sweden. They were apparently taught to Da'da' Pranava'nanda directly by Ba'ba' around the time that Da'da' was also posing as a model for the illustrations of the asanas in Carya'carya part 3.

The two movements that massage the scull and the eye-lids were taught to a newly graduated group of Brahmacaris and Brahmacariniis in 1994. by Acarya Keshava'nanda Avadhuta. Da'da' Keshava'nanda also learned them directly from Ba'ba' during the time he worked as Ba'ba's Personal Assistant. At one occasion Ba'ba' showed these movements to some overseas devotees interested in more details (than as shown in A'vadhutika' A'nanda Mitra' A'carya's booklet on Yoga) about massaging the head.

This self-massage is meant to be performed at the very end of the asana-session, then followed for at least 2 minutes by a deep-relaxation posture (called Shava'sana or the "Dead-body pose").

Idealy, yogic postures or asanas are performed with as little clothing as possible (preferably, wearing only tight-fitting underwear, to prevent contamination or injury of the most sensitive parts of the body). Through this kind of self-massage subtle hormonal juices secreted on the skin would be then gently rubbed back into the body rather than sucked up by clothes and thus wasted away.
For the sake of decency and protection of privacy that basic guideline of minimum clothing is not followed in this kind of public exhibitions.

This video was filmed in 2010., in a cozy traditional setting of a South Korean mountain-home.
Sister Hiranmaya' is graciously following and imitating the guidance of A'vadhutika' A'nanda Arpan'a' A'carya' (behind the camera) while Janak, Hiranmaya's husband, is carefully recording the whole event.

Practise, enjoy the benefits and share with others, please!

Nevertheless, a personal, live instruction by an experienced Acarya would be even more helpful and is much preferred by serious practitioners. In order to find competent instructors/centre near you, feel free to check
and so on.

Wish you a happy journey on the Path of Bliss!
Didi AA