≈∆ Intensive ASMR Mixture ∆≈ ft. (Whispering & British Accent)

June 8, 2015, 11:18 p.m.

Welcome to another "Get Your Tingles with Morgaine Le Fay" Session...

Hi everyone!

You're now watching re re re re-take of this video. Because of the weird sound issue. In this video you will find some mixture of sounds you may find relaxing... This video's mainly focused on brushing mostly you can consider some short sounds as sample sounds. This is also my first close up video,(I still don't reveal my face because of the character and this video was another casual take). Please leave a comment down below if you would like to hear more from them. Thanks for watching! Enjoy!

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≈ Including: ≈ Close up Whispering, Soft Speaking, Brushing, Crinkling, Bottle Tapping, Water Sounds, Oil Sounds, Cotton Pads, Microphone Blowing, Camera Touching, Caring Friend, Petting your head and Tucking you into bed.

Brushing: 0:35 - 11:07
Himalayan Salt Crinkling: 11:08 - 13:01
Body Mist Spray Bottle Tapping & Water Sounds: 13:02 - 14:15
Cotton Pads: 14:16 - 17:21
Essential Oil Sounds & Tapping: 17:28 - 22:29
Microphone Blowing: 22:30 - 23:19
Camera Touching (without the sound) : 23:20 - 24:22
Camera Touching and Tucking you into bed as your caring friend (with the sound): 24:23 - 28:13

I'm sending you the great white light, where ever you are... and whoever you are....



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