ASMR. The Fire Nymph Role Play (Guided Relaxation)

Jan. 7, 2017, 4:11 p.m.

*The cough has been removed. Enjoy the video! :)
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This is another silly role play in my series of elemental nymphs. Like those before it, there is ear to ear whispering, "inaudible" whispering in the form of a "fire charm," some light meditation with quiet relaxation music, candle lighting, a soft spoken count down and some smoke blowing, all for the purposes of ASMR and relaxation. Here you'll see a fire theme throughout. I hope that you enjoy it and give it a shot, despite how clownish I look at the beginning. There are some faint fire sounds at the beginning that sound like crackling, and music in the candle meditation part, so there are sound effects in this role play to give a more complete experience. If these sounds are not for you, please take a moment to watch one of my other videos, where many are focused on pure ASMR sounds only. :) Hopefully anyone with anxiety or stress will be able to relax, calm down and unwind with this ASMR video. I wish you guys well, have a wonderful day or night, and enjoy the video. Thanks for watching.

Music - "Cepheid"

To skip ahead at any point in the video, please see the table of contents below.
Introduction and inaudible whispering "fire charm" with fire sounds- 0:00 - 6:50
Candle guided meditation/relaxation with light music- 6:51 - 19:46
Aromatherapy and smoke blowing- 19:47 - 26:02