Beautiful ambient piano

Dec. 15, 2014, 4:11 p.m.

Beautiful ambient piano


Enjoy our selection of music composed by a combination of nature sounds like thunder sounds, rain sounds and ocean sounds stress relief meditation.

We use ethnic instruments like the Erhu, Sitar, Gongs, Shakuhachi flute, pan flute, dizi, ethnic strings like the Qizhen, Ambient Pads but also Classical Instruments like the Piano and the Harp. If you have an anxiety disorder, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, we can definitely enjoy the music here offered by relaxhall.net
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Improve your quality of life today discovering the secrets of meditation! We compose multiple songs which feature Tibetan Singing Bowls Music, Mantras, Monk Chants, Tibetan Chants, Music based on Chakra Frequencies (Solfeggio Frequencies), Binaural Beats and Healing Music based on Fibonacci proportions to help enter meditative states. If you like Kundalini Meditation, Guided Meditations, Zazen, Deepak Chopra Meditations, Mooji Meditations, Eckhart Tolle Meditations and SadhGuru Meditations.
If you are interested in meditation, listen to our meditation playlist clicking on the following link:

Tai Chi Chuan Music, Qigong Music, Taichi Music:
Enjoy our traditional Chinese music if you practice tai chi chuan, qigong or wushu. We compose music inspired by traditional Chinese music, thai music, Vietnamese music, Korean music, Japanese Music, Lao music, Cambodian Music and Burmese Music. As well as the famous Taiwanese Erhu Songs.
If you are interested in Asian Traditional Music, check our Chinese traditional music playlist by clicking on the following link:

Yoga Music

We recommend our music for all types of yoga ike Bikram, Hatha, Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Sicananda, , Kripalu, Kundalini among others. You can listen to our music when practicing yoga for weight loss, yoga for flexibility and yoga for relaxation no matter if you are a yogi beginner or a yogi expert.
Have you ever searched for Long Music Playlist for your Yoga exercises?
Influences in this type of music is mainly from World Music, Traditional Chinese Music, Indian Classical Music, Ragas, and Native American Music. Check our playlists for the most suitable music to your relaxation needs.
If you are searching for yoga practice music, please check our Yoga playlist by clicking here:

Sleep Music, Music for Insomnia, How to sleep fast:

8 HOURS long calming soothing nature sounds and sleep music that will help you get to sleep fast. If you are looking for a noise canceling sound or just wanting to calm the mind, you can listen to this playlist of relaxing nature sounds and calming music. Sometimes we incorporate binaural beats in some music videos to help you enter deep sleep states.
If you want to sleep better, please check our how to sleep fast music playlist here:

Music for reading, Music for Concentration, Music for performance enhancing:

Wether you need music for reading, music for concentrating or music for performance, we have it all.. If you are interested in spiritual books we recommend the readings ofKrishnamurti Jiddu, Augusto Cury, Louise Hay, James Redfield, Robin Sharma, Marianne Williamson, Rhonda Byrne and the famous Deepak Chopra.
Click here to check our concentration music playlist:

RelaxHall is an attempt to offer a calm and relaxing environment against the woes and stresses of daily life. New music originally composed by us and daily uploads. Welcome and feel at home.

Relax in harmony, leave the stress from daily life by subscribing to our channel, which contain the best relaxation music available online.

You can use our relaxation music for your daily one hour meditation, with its smooth flow, bringing calm and harmony to your tasks, while you play it as a background music.

This music can be used for:
-One hour yoga practice music
-Tai chi chuan (Tai ji quan) music
-Relaxation Music
-Meditation Music
-Reiki Music
-Feng Shui Music
-Healing Music

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