{10 Months Ago} -JiCk/JoIcK *EP.17* pt.1

Dec. 29, 2009, 1:56 a.m.

-with Joe-

i walked cautiously down the stairs, peering around the room. no sign of nikki anywhere. i steepped into the kitchen. she sat at the table looking pretty stressed. i sat across from her and sighed, wishing i was upstairs with nick.
Joe: *feeling awkward* uh, hey.
Nikki: *sighs* hey...
Joe: Nikki, i have to tell you somethi-
Nikki: Joe, i've been cheating on you. *feels guilty*
Joe: *shocked; but honestly doesn't seem to care*
Nikki: *hurt* you don't care?
Joe: *sighs* honestly, no.
Nikki: *shocked* w-why?
Joe: i've been cheating on you too.
Nikki: *takes a deep breath; cares way more then joe* o-oh.
Joe: *whispers* sorry.
Nikki: no, your not.
Joe: *gives up* Nikki, I'm divorcing you.
Nikki: b-because i cheated?
Joe: no...i think i may have been cheating longer than you have *feels bad about that*
Nikki: *hurt* oh. ok, i guess. do you love her?
Joe: *looks away* it's not a her.
Nikki: *eyes widen; doesn't speak*
Joe: *doesn't look her in the eyes* here are the papers...
Nikki: *silent as she fills everything out*
-a couple minutes later-
Joe: i'll be right back, i need to check on something.
Nikki: *nods slowly; watches Joe leave*

-with nick-

when Joe left the room, i snuggled into the blankets. they didn't smell like him, it's like he wasn't sleeping with his wife, i knew this because all i could smell was girly perfume. that, i felt guilty for. where was he sleeping then? the couch? the floor? i hadn't noticed that i'd fallen asleep until i awoke to a warm set of hands on my face. "Joey?"

Joe: *smiles* hi, hunny.
Nick: *blushes; frowns* where is she?
Joe: *smile fades alittle* down stairs.
Nick: oh. how am i gonna leave without her seeing me?
Joe: well, i won't have you climbing again. unacceptable.
Nick: *frowns* i can take care of myself...
Joe: why, when i can take care of you? *smiles*
Nick: *melts;still alittle stubborn* i can climb.
Joe: you CAN but you WON'T.
Nick: and why is that?
Joe: because, *kisses him lightly* i won't allow it.
Nick: *rolls his eyes* fine. whatever.
Joe: your a stubborn little teenager, you know that?
Nick: *smirks* i can be worse.
Joe: i bet you could. *sighs* i have to go back down stairs. maybe...she won't come upstairs. she probably doesn't want to sleep with me so, i'll ask for the bed instead of the floor tonight.*chuckles*
Nick: *gets guilty*
Joe: *worried* what's wrong?
Nick: you've been sleeping on the floor because of me?
Joe: no, of course not. We just didn't want to sleep together anymore.
Nick: *frowns* because of me.
Joe: this isn't your fault. it's fine. don't worry.
Nick: *sighs* fine. can i have a kiss?
Joe: no, because if i kiss you now, we won't stop.
Nick: not uh! i can pull away!
Joe: yeah right. even if you could you wouldn't be able to be quiet.
Nick: ya huh!
Joe: really? do i have to recall earlier?
Nick: *blushes*
Joe: *immitates nick from when they were all rated r;whisper yells* ohhh, ahh, MR.JONAS!!
Nick: *glares at him;blushes deeper*
Joe: *laughs;kisses his cheek* i'll be right back.
Nick: *nods; gets back under the covers*
Joe: *smiles; leaves the room*

my eyes drifted again. i was exausted. i felt my eye lids get heavy but i refused to let myself fall asleep again. i felt my phone buzz. that should be a distraction to keep me awake. i picked up my phone and tried to make my voice seem like i wasn't about to pass out any second. "hello?"

?: hey, nickster, guess what?
N: oh, hey Lovato. what?
D: i'm going to die...
N:*shocked* w-wh...*can't even get the words out*
D: i'm joking, geesh.
N: *pissed;sarcastic* what a great thing to joke about.
D: i do feel like i'm going to die though.
N: and why is that?
D: because, my evil cousin is moving here. she'll be going to our school. *groans* my life sucks.
N: *rolls his eyes* what could possibly be so evil about your cousin?
D: she takes every chance she get's to ruin my life!!
N: drama queen.
D: am not!! it's true! just you wait, you'll see for yourselves.
N: *yawns* well, is this all you wanted to tell me?
D: yeah, sure. she'll be at our school tomorrow so be prepared for the *immatates nick* drama queen.
N: *smiles sleepily* kay, i'll prepare. night.
D: sweep twight! dwon't wet the bed bwugs bwite! *hangs up*
N:*shakes his head* hangs up.

ok, these eps that are comming up are wayyy longer so most of them will be broken up into parts. sorry i wasn't on by the way. technology can be so unreliable and the technology that isn't get's stolen!! *cough cough* my cell phone!
srry i'm not in a happy mood today:(