The Frostbite Chronicles | Episode 1: "Blizzard" (Skyrim Roleplay)

Oct. 23, 2014, 5:37 a.m.

Jo'Dara the khajiit wakes up cold and disoriented in a northern blizzard. His whiskers have almost turned to ice, and he has a strong headache. In the distance he sees a campfire, and goes to investigate. Welcome to the Frostbite Chronicles, a Skyrim (semi-serious) Survival/Roleplay/Machinima series from the creator of the K'Joor series.

Episode 2: http://youtu.be/t29obiN4mM4

Confused about what Jo'Dara from ESO does here in Skyrim? Well, he's been transported to the future, 20 years after the downfall of Doben. How and why are obiously not going to be explained here, but I thought I'd include that information to help people understand :)

Also, a lot of the roleplay is improvisation. Outside of my "cutscenes", nothing I say is scripted. Meaning that sometimes I say strange things or mess up a little, but it's all part of the commentating experience. I have my main objectives set for each gameplay section, but whatever happens on the way is up to the random world of Skyrim to decide!

Wondering what mods I have? During my many years of playing Skyrim, I've accumulated a lot of mods. Some of these no longer show up in my mod list after getting new mod managers every once in a while. But I can tell you the most important mods that make this series work:

Sharpshooters Extreme Graphics ENB

Realistic Needs and Diseases


Immersive Weapons

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Music used with permission from the following artists:
Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)