YANDERE CITY: MOVING ON! [Minecraft Yandere High School Roleplay RP - Episode 7]

Aug. 18, 2017, 9:22 p.m.

Yandere City Episode 7 - After a tragic turn of events, Brandon is left in
disarae. He now has to accept that she's gone. Kayo is no more. Brandon will
need to adapt as this wall blocked his happiness. He even starts to
reminisce about his past some more! It is time that he moves on from all
of this. She can not be his girlfriend. He needs to come to his senses.
How will he handle being alone!? Find out in this school roleplay on minecraft! Who is the yandere of the school?!

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Yandere City is a dual roleplay created by ReesesSkater and SizzleGames. We would like to
thank everyone who watches and likes. Stay tuned as there will be a new episode up every
friday! Thanks again for watching!

Remember episode 1? The first Day? If you wanna watch all that over again, and or watch this from the playlist, click the link below!

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMefTbHoQrlGzSQ5jtpH1w_t2EYYHKC3


Anthony's Perspective: https://youtu.be/n-_sLGRXfR4

YANDERE CITY: MOVING ON! [Minecraft Yandere High School Roleplay - Episode 7]

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