ASMR Massage of the Neck & Shoulder # 2

Howto & Style
Nov. 19, 2016, 3:53 a.m.

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炁即是宇宙一切原始的能量,可以生發變化任何物質。Far Far away the Chi 。遠古之氣 The ancient chi。炁 Qi is the universe of all raw energy that can change any germinal substance。
33 sky Chi master spiritual energy power 三十三天 一炁宗主 精神治療。
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Luodong spiritual healing massage
Luodong healing massage
Luodong spiritual massage 精神治療按摩
Luodong spiritual massage online treatment
Luodong spiritual massage online picture treatment
everybody can get 33 sky Chi master spiritual energy power just looking for finding Chi master Temple register you all can got power 皈依天德教可傳無形針掌光金光治百病
tiende religion Website 天德教網站
[B116] every medical treatment if you are interested, you can teach the temple to the days of Germany, to convert, to teach his disciples to do the tiende religion. You can get, divine healing. [Invisible needle, palm light, golden vomit medicine] to help themselves, but also to help others. Lifetime, the greatest cause of everyone, that is, to create their own achievements, physical and spiritual body. The most important thing is to practice; [often meditate, eat cold, do not smoke, do not drink less alcohol, less make love without love]. So so after a few years, before they can put their yang, refining up, body fiery golden prana [fire]. If they do not often meditate, and eat cold, and smoking and drinking, and he likes to make love to put fine. That your body is cold, chill, ying chi weight. Such a body is decay, is defeated essence, is not someone else's medical treatment, but his body will get sick.
http://www.tiende.org/preface/ 天德教網站
luodong is 33 sky chi master Tiender Religion disciple。luodong spiritual massage。
TIANDE.URL.TW this is Chi master temple in taiwan Tainan。lot chi master disciple。
Go to Taiwan hong kong china singapore or anywhere to find chi master temple, get chi master power.then after u treatment massage many people watch my video how to treatment。u can also same like me to help people like you do me do all same chi master spiritual golden power。i am not chi master,i dont have real power to give u。only u go to chi master temple got give u spiritual power。i am chi master disciple,i am just chi master one student。everybody u all can become the 33 sky chi master disciple student。just if u like believe trust。中國按摩 按摩精神 癒合按摩