[Mukbang] 7.5kg 초대왕 랍스터🦞GIANT KING LOBSTER ASMR Eatingsound eatingshow Ssoyoung

March 5, 2020, 10:01 a.m.

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대왕랍스터가 있다는 소식을 듣고 얼마나 부리나케 달려갔는지..
찾아간 그곳에는 진짜~~~ 어마어마어마어~~~~~~~~~~~~마한
랍스터가 저를 기다리고 있었어요.
크기가 너무 커서 찜기에도 안들어가서 테트리스로 넣느라고 고생좀 했다는 비하인드가 있답니다^^
하지만 제가 누구입니까?
쏘영 아니겠어요? 7.5KG에 육박하는 대왕랍스터를 아주 신나게 먹었답니다.
4가족이 나눠먹어도 남을 만한 대왕랍스터먹방 함께 즐겨주세요!!
오늘도 제 영상을 시청해주셔서 감사합니다

I ran so hard after I heard there is a giant lobster at seafood market~!
When I arrived at the market, there was a HUGE lobster waiting for me.
Since the lobster was so huge, it barely fit in the steamer. I felt like I was playing tetris^^.
But you guys all know who I am!
I’m Ssoyoung! I eventually enjoyed the 7.5KG Giant Lobster!
This lobster could actually serve four people(a family)! Please enjoy watching it and thank you guys for watching my video again!

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