ASMR - Mussels Only Drenched In Bloves Sauce (No Talking)

Nov. 13, 2018, 3:02 p.m.

Hi my Kimchi Dolls! Welcome to day 2 of my seafood boil breakdown week. Today I'm eating green lipped mussels soaking in bloves sauce. I hope ya enjoy this video. If you like what you see/hear then please be sure to subscribe for more videos. Have a beautiful day!

* In today's video I had 11 mussels.

* For me, these mussels are very meaty with a chewy texture. On their own they're kind of bland but when you dress them up, especially with this sauce, it wakes up the flavor of the mussel and they become so delicious!

* To me, Bloves sauce tastes like a cajun base butter sauce. It's tangy, garlicky, sweet, salty, and spicy all at the same time. This sauce is bursting with all sorts of flavors. When I eat it, to me it doesn't have that oily taste at all. I hope this helps explain how it tastes to those who's never had it before. This is only how my experience is. Thank you all.

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* Lipstick I'm wearing is Tom Ford's Night Porter.

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*Camera I use is Canon G7 Markii

****This is an ASMR video. For the best sounds please wear headphones. Thank you.****

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