Minecraft Xbox - ZOMBIFIED MISSION! - 200 Percent Adventures

April 12, 2016, 3:53 p.m.

ZOMBIFIED MISSION!.... WOOAHH! Smash that "like" button if you want this series to continue! XD (More BELOW)

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200 Percent Adventures is a BRAND NEW Minecraft Roleplay Series on my channel based off of the Meerkat 100Percentozzy however I have been taken back to my Old world as a duplicate. I am frozen in time! I've seen many Good Minecraft Roleplay Series, Minecraft Xbox Roleplays, and even a few Minecraft PC Roleplays, such as the series that Samgladiator & TheFearRaiser are doing, but I've never seen a Minecraft 200 Percent Adventures Roleplay so I took the chance to make one! 200 Percent Adventures is our mess around series where anything can happen!
Give me your suggestions in the comment section.
WATCH MORE 200 PERCENT ADVENTURES - http://bit.ly/1I6vLkr
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All this content is recorded on Minecraft Xbox. Minecraft on Next Gen consoles has been released, such as the PS4 and Xbox One and therefore we are a making new series.

About The Creative Adventurers:

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