What is the importance of manipura chakra and mastering agni sara? - Swami Rama

Dec. 18, 2015, 10:10 a.m.

Why did I include manipura chakra in it? Because manipura chakra is the biggest of all. It controls the solar system. And I met somebody who was a master of solar science, and Paul Brunton writes about him in his book, Search in Secret India. And I was there when this thing happened. I was lucky to have experienced all these things, because from the very beginning I was with swamis, and at the same time I was sent to different schools of India.
So Paul Brunton was questioning about life and death. Paul Brunton said, “I have to ask you one question, Swamiji.” It was in Banaras. “Is there any possibility that the dead can come back to life?”
He said, “Of course. It is in Christianity also—the resurrections.”
“Can you demonstrate?”
He said, “Yes.” He said, “Okay, take a bird, a living bird, and don’t destroy any part of the bird—just choke the bird so the bird is dead clinically.” The doctors were called—two doctors. And Paul Brunton said, “No, I’ll choose the doctors.” He had a choice. He brought one of the French doctors during that time who was working in Banaras and one Indian doctor. And they found that the bird was totally dead.
He said, “Now give me that bird. “
And Paul Brunton said, “Is it possible that I can hold that bird and you can do what you want from a distance?”
And he said, “No. My hands are open like this.” I was sitting there. And he closed his eyes, whispered something in his mind—lips little bit moved—and the bird flew. And bird flew at least 40 to 50 feet away in a tree, and they watched. And from there it flew to different trees. So they ran after bird three or four hours.
And he said, “Look, this is not divine power! It’s called solar science.
So those who are teachers, before they teach kaula or mishra, they first teach their students something about this solar power at manipura chakra (draws upward facing triangle). Concentrating on this chakra, which is situated at the navel in triangular form, that indicates that the flames of the fire go higher, upwards. So, making their mind one- pointed, they do it.
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