Dora and friends charm magic! Fun Game for Children! 😀KIDS BaLaBoL🌅

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Jan. 9, 2017, 4:01 p.m.

Dora and friends charm magic!Fun Game for Children!

Dora and Friends: Charm Magic game on PC . Play with dora the explorer the cutest child. Dora is very funny. Enjoy to play with dora in dora the explorer game. Best Dora game Episode.

When Dora’s friends run late to the beach fiesta, your child must save the day! Help them get to the party on time with a little help from Dora’s magic charm bracelet.

It’s almost time for the beach fiesta, but Dora’s friends are late! Your child, along with Dora’s magic charm bracelet, can help everyone get to the party on time. First, help Alana and Naiya get their soccer ball out of the pyramid, using the arrow keys to move right and left, and the spacebar to jump over hurdles. Then, it’s Kate and Emma who need assistance. Navigate watery underground caves to collect their puppets that have floated beneath Playa Verde. Then help Pablo retrieve his playing cards from Magic Land so he can do magic tricks at the senior center. In each adventure, use Dora’s magic charm bracelet to cross enormous obstacles. Once all Dora’s friends have been helped, they can celebrate together at the fiesta!

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